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Is is checking her fb...
Scroll down,,,

"selagi x masuk u, lg 2 la smua bdk matrik batch 2011/12 mesti sembang pasai u masing2, yuran nk kna byk berapa la, koko masuk apa la, bju nk kna pkai jenis apa la, try ckp topic lain tgk, comferm x jln, mesti pth balik kt topic u 2 la................."
hehe, true story
Mesti budak ni tengah bercuti kat rumah, dok tunggu u mana nak panggil

After habis shif
*before Ramadhan sambil makan tengahari

K.fifa: Anis tadi camne kat wad?
Anis: Ya Allah kak, ada sorg mamat ni gatal la,,, kejap2 dia tanya dekat adik sebelah dia, 'adik2, akak tu comel tak?'
Is: K.fifa senyum ja, haha, dia tak minat dengan cita ko anis,,,
Anis: Ish, akak, anis cita tak habis lagi, pastu dia nampak dayah dia tanya kat budak tu lagi 'adik, k.dayah comel tak?' Pastu tanya pulak 'adik ada kakak tak? Comel tak dia?' Adoila kak,,, taktau apsal la ada budak sorang macam ni, anis kadang geram rasa
Is: Wad aku ramai discharge tadi, tadi atim datang pun aku dah cakap kat dia, ramai discharge, korang jaga katil je la, hehehe
Anis: Akak tak makan ke? Pesan air je
K.fifa: Akak makan kat rumah, balik jap g
Is: Aku nak nasi ayam
Anis: Tau

Thats normal, people tend to talk about something that is so close to them, something that attract their interest. 
Even when my roommates and I visiting one of the patients (at his home with his family)...The main topic was still about the hospital, ward, patient, nurses and so on. 
(Eventually Atim was getting tired about all the hospital things, hehe)

One of the way to make new friends is by getting to know each other interest, ask about her hobby, favourite colours or places. This is also known as Ta'aruf. ^^
But you dont necessarily need to have lots of common interest in order to make friends. If you are brave enough, try to start the conversation (which I'm not), make small talk, use your eye contact and dont forget to smile ^^,

What is being written here is not all the technique, but it is part of the communication skill that has been taught for us, a nurses-to-be. InsyaAllah... I'm not that good in making friends, and most of my friends start from being my roommates,,, but when I did make friends, I will value and appreciate no matter how crazy and nonsense they are, haha... Everyone is unique right, so just value them

AL-Hujurat : 13


Sahih International
O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.

 p/s : Tetiba rasa nak tulis in English, the ayat is taken from this link.


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